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A River Phoenix tumblr. My favourite actor ever.
Watching him since I was a child. Forever a fangirl.

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Por diox, que lo había mencionado pero no había puesto el puto link.

”[…] porque no tiene miedo de despertarse cuando se duerme con él”

Soberbio :´)

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No me odies, que mantengo tu anonimato al más puro estilo “Aquí hay tomate”… pero es que este momento lo tenía que capturar y guardar para siempre, mu JRANDE.

No me odies, que mantengo tu anonimato al más puro estilo “Aquí hay tomate”… pero es que este momento lo tenía que capturar y guardar para siempre, mu JRANDE.

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“Nunca ha tenido un amigo de verdad. Su amigo imaginario con el aspecto de River Phoenix no duró mucho. Tanta melenita de un lado a otro. A Eduardo le extraña no haber descubierto su orientación sexual antes de que la imaginación se esfumara.”  (x)

If my Emilio doesn’t give me porn tonight, I’m going to need to re-read this one (TSN fic ROE AU, tears-and-WHYYY? ending, exquisite double suffering) so please, Emilio, don’t let me hurt myself, give me something xD

(Source: isharayar)

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MOPI AU fics

I can’t believe we don’t have a bakery/coffee shop one (or at least I didn’t find it).

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In relation to fanfics :)

First of all: thank you, to all those ones that wrote and are writing for this fandom (you know who you are), you are priceless.

And second, the other day an anon asked this, and well, my reasons why I don’t “work” a little bit more for the fandom in this:

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submission from riverfuckingphoenix:

Dear Diary,
Last night, something incredible happened. Chris has always told me that I will grow up to be a great writer. I never truly believed him, until today. Chris tenderly plucked a smoke from his crisply rolled less-than-white shirt and placed it between his rosebud lips in an even more tender way. He let it balance softly between his lips while he searched for a light. Anyone could tell that he had been doing this for a long time by the way he was held himself. Then, before my eyes, this everyday smoke turned into so much more. As he lit it, sparks of deep orange spouted out, and even shades of red which match the shirt I have basically been living in recently. My vocabulary has become more advanced, diary. I have been reading a lot lately. Anyway, Chris lit his cigarette in the middle of this dark wood and all of a sudden, the whole place seemed to glow. That’s Chris. He brings light to the darkest of places. He looked at me then, and asked “Hey Gordo, wanna drag?” I could’ve died right there and there. I took it almost right away and tried to place it between my lips in the same cool way Chris did. At that moment, it was like our lips had touched. I could taste the sweet strawberries he had just finished eating. It was like my tongue had entered his mouth. It was so magical. I must’ve taken my time as Chris began to ask for it back. He smirked at me when I fumbled returning it. He then handed the smoke to Teddy and jumped on top of me, telling me to “cheer up.” Chris has always been such a good friend. The best. However, he will probably never know why I felt so sad that evening.

- Gordie

Awww, your Gordie is so sweet (…an also have a part of my “sugary me” when I was a kid, LOL, DON’T LAUGH, ah, you’ll do no matter what I say xD).

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Look what I found in Gordie’s room…

submission from riverfuckingphoenix:

Dear diary, 
today, this really weird thing happened to my boy parts. They stood up and would not go back down. I think it was because of Chris. He is so beautiful with his white shirt and fox-like face. I would’ve shared the deer with him, and only him. I want to hold his hand. I don’t think Chris is like me. He might like girls. I know Ace fancies Chris, too. I could tell from the way he threw himself on top of him once. But, heck, who doesn’t? I bet even Vern and Teddy do. He’s a real hero. I need to pretend to be straight and like my brother Denny so my Daddy will love me and touch me again. I say things like “ I think Annette’s tits are getting bigger” to try and control my parts, but, Chris. Daddy doesn’t approve of my friends or my life or even my writing. I wish he would love me like I love Chris. I will never be Denny. Yesterday, I had leeches hanging from my balls and it really bothered me because I had kept myself for Chris all this time and also he was saying how I am not a retard like him and Vern and Teddy but I don’t care. I love Chris Chambers. Heck, I even looked down his pants last night while I slept. When Chris and I ran through the junkyard, I could feel the sexual tension between us. I will make my move one day.
~ Mrs Gordie LaChambers 

God’s sake, this is SO great (ah, poor Gordie). I know I’m all the time saying the fucking “great” but this is because my English sucks and hey, I just know like three adjectives xD

You should write fics, really. Do that 30days-writing-challenge thing, PLEASE! :)

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Next fic goals

1. Doing the fucking 2nd one for the 30 day writing challenge.

2. A River fic based on the Three Laws of Robotics (hey, maybe this will be my time-travel one, R. Daneel goes to the 90s! or it would be Riv that R. from R. Daneel? Mmmm.)

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30 days of writing (1): Beginning

“You’re so beautiful. I want to marry you. I really love you.”

The eternal déjà vu.

“Blahblahblah that frame blahblahblah the light.”

Ah, the critic wannabes.
“I’m your number one fan.”

Those ones make you feel like fucking Misery Chastain. You understand King. You don’t even know why you still reading all these letters.

“I’m an engineer because of your Wolfgang Müller. You were my beginning. Finally I invented something that matters and I can tell you. We’re not allowed to change the past so I can’t say much more. People still remember you.”

Some of them are just crazy.

- - - - -

(hey dears, exactly 100 words = drabble definition, I jumped witth the “movie of the week”, let’s see if some of you jump with me, here the rules)

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Sneakers fics - Yuletide (7)

As always, thanks to sawthefireworks for finding them!

You’re great, girl!

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