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A River Phoenix tumblr. My favourite actor ever.
Watching him since I was a child. Forever a fangirl.

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(mail from Bree)

Hi again, Bree!
Hey You,
I was going to answer your question (kind of) in yesterday’s email about what comedies people would have liked to see River in, but I ran out of steam doing the pics - I’ve been unusually exhausted lately, not like me. (Hope you don’t feel obliged to do something with them; I didn’t hear back from you so just to say I hope you don’t feel awkward about it or anything, I wouldn’t want that!)

Nah, bad day!

This week is gonna bit a little hell… but after that everything would be OK.

(probably I’ll post here in ‘weird’ hours)

Anyway, not at all a straight-up comedy - more ro
mantic dramedy so it probably doesn’t even apply - but I’ve always sort of fantasized what Riv would have been like in Ethan Hawke’s role of Troy in Reality Bites with Winona Ryder.
+1 (I’ll go on under the cut!)

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