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A River Phoenix tumblr. My favourite actor ever.
Watching him since I was a child. Forever a fangirl.

(mail from Bree)

Hi again, Bree!
Hey You,
I was going to answer your question (kind of) in yesterday’s email about what comedies people would have liked to see River in, but I ran out of steam doing the pics - I’ve been unusually exhausted lately, not like me. (Hope you don’t feel obliged to do something with them; I didn’t hear back from you so just to say I hope you don’t feel awkward about it or anything, I wouldn’t want that!)

Nah, bad day!

This week is gonna bit a little hell… but after that everything would be OK.

(probably I’ll post here in ‘weird’ hours)

Anyway, not at all a straight-up comedy - more ro
mantic dramedy so it probably doesn’t even apply - but I’ve always sort of fantasized what Riv would have been like in Ethan Hawke’s role of Troy in Reality Bites with Winona Ryder.
+1 (I’ll go on under the cut!)
Not to imply that Ethan isn’t great in the part, because he is, but just because River never played just ‘a guy’, you know, an ordinary modern young man of that age, out in the world, and Troy was River’s era (even though Riv wasn’t ‘grunge’), kind of a slacker dickhead but also sexy and a little intense and secretly smitten…I can imagine it would have been something different for Riv to sink his teeth into, playing just a regular young man (and a musician to boot, so there’s that). I can only imagine what he would have looked like in the role, I think longish dark hair, definitely, I think he was done with the blond for a while (I know, shallow of me, can’t help it.) Anyway that’s one of my ‘If River Hadn’t Bought the Farm Fantasy Roles’, Troy in Reality Bites. 

He would have been great at this one (besides all that “Generation X movie” thing).

For me it’s the same: when I saw a role I would have like to thing, usually the actor is good in it too (it’s what catches my attention).

Now I remember another one I love (between drama and weird comedy): "Things I never told you" (“Cosas que nunca te dije” in Spanish). The actor is Andrew McCarthy and did it very well. I suppose it’s mainly for the “Lili Taylor” factor (I love that woman) and for being a non typical love story. I think of Rio there. Ah.

Take care, Bree over and out
A billion hugs!

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