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Phoenix vs Reznor (4b): the “Palahniuk connection”

Chuck-Trent, Chuck-River and all that could have been.

(ah, how much I love to talking/writing about them!)


In one of my “bad eras” I was reading "Rant". And listening "Year zero". I thought then someone had to introduce these two men as soon as possible ‘cause they have kinda twin brains (one does with notes what the other does with words). I googled it a bit and… surprise:

- They’ve already met. Reznor read “Fight club” and called Palahniuk to tell him he liked it. Palahniuk confessed him he was kinda NIN-fanboy and that wrote the book hearing "The Downard Spiral" in a non-stop loop (hear "Mr. Self destruct" and you will LOL). They met and, in Palahniuk words, Reznor was like the brother his parents never told him to have (when I read this I almost cry xD)

- Finally Fincher directed the movie. Ah, their amazing creative-recursive spiral of mutual infuences (Fincher and Reznor knew before, the 2 remixes for "Se7en"). "Only" seems to me a clear tribute to "Fight club", and they three have even been thinking of a FC musical (do it! NOW!).

- I think Fincher should direct all the movies based on Palahniuk books, with Reznor scoring. For me they are the most flawless creative combo. Sometimes I need to have sex with their brains.


After rewatching “Fight club “ and "Choke"  again, one ofter another (this year!) I thought of the possibility of him as a “River fanboy” too. I mean:

- It was finally real with my previous “husband”, so Chuck & me have common places.

- Chuck is pretty gay so it would be not so hard for him admit an “admiration” thing (some straight guys do, hehehe… come on, dudes, don’t be scared, if you like Rio you don’t need to be gay or bi necessary, he’s an Universal thing, even some lesbians love him… in fact during a long time in my childhood, when I looked at Phoenix & Cobain, I wondered if I was lesbian/bi/whatever, you know, the girly faces, the hair, blahblahblah). And River was a babe. It was not only possible. It was probable.

- Chuck is even more fascinated with addictions than me. Probably River would be better than chocolate for him xD

- And that “things” in FC (paralellism with MOPI) and in Choke (with Jimmy Reardon). Maybe it could be my mind. Maybe not.

I googled it too and… TAAA-DAAA: "Damned". Last Palahniuk’s one. River is one of the celebrities in that Hell. It was a big “I KNEW IT!” (BTW there are only mentions to Rio, he’s not a main character, but he describes perfectly the “riophile obsession” through the main girl XD)

So there you have it, another paralellism/connection between my “husbands” :´)


- I really think if River were alive he could be part of that great Fincher/Palahniuk/Reznor combo (my beloved “great destroyers”). He was sweeter than them (well… that’s an easy thing) but had very dark sides too. And he was smart and creative, as them. Probably would have worked.

- …and (dreaming now, allow it to me) they would finally have made the FC musical with Phoenix in Durden role (ah, the bastard he always wanted to have played… he knew how to sing, so perfect choice), Leto in the Narrator one (previous FC experience and can sing too) and… I don’t know… maybe a blonded-dyed Garfield or Eisenberg to be the “angel”? OH. GOD. I WOULD HAVE GIVEN MY FIRST-BORN CHILD TO WATCH/HEAR THIS. Meh.

- But no problem, boys… as my living “husband” would sing, “If there is a Hell, I will see you there”. All of you, for sure xD

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