Running On River

This tumblr is closed, now I post River stuff in:

roe / un lugar...

A River Phoenix tumblr. My favourite actor ever.
Watching him since I was a child. Forever a fangirl.

0) …like an animal …from the inside

1) This is not me being pervert, this is me being ecological: you all probably won’t need to use radiators tonight. Think of environment.

2) Once again: Jimmy Reardon is a young Victor Mancini. Once again I wonder how many times Palahniuk have watched all Rio movies? Once again I suppose even more than me.

3) What am I doing with my life? Why am I here on tumblr making GIFs of my (dead) guy and watching naked the wife of my (alive) one (people. please. tag. correctly. PLEASE.) instead of being fucking with a real dude sleeping? God knows I really need to fuck sleep sometimes.

4) If they (the dead-one and the non-nominated-to-the-Oscar-this-year-‘cause-Academy-sucks one) could talk to me right now, they would probably tell meGet laid. Go sleep. Right NOW”. TR would probably even twitter it to me, with a lot of fucking-fucks in that 144 characters.

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