Running On River

This tumblr is closed, now I post River stuff in:

roe / un lugar...

A River Phoenix tumblr. My favourite actor ever.
Watching him since I was a child. Forever a fangirl.

sneekyhedgehog asked: I just want to let you know, I think you have an amazing page and I am pretty addicted to River myself, from now on I will make sure I look on your site religiously and again, this is amazing xx


First of all, THANK YOU, you’re so sweet :’)

And second: I’m addicted too, River is a hard drug, more than 20 years and I can quit XD

I always say I could tell Rio’s whole life (and my feelings for him) with NIN (my other “husband”) songs. And I must say Phoenix is The Perfect Drug:

And I want you
You are the perfect drug
the perfect drug, the perfect drug 
Take me, with you
without you
without you everything falls apart
without you it’s not as much fun to pick up the pieces

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