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A River Phoenix tumblr. My favourite actor ever.
Watching him since I was a child. Forever a fangirl.

Who are your River Phoenix “successors/heirs/whatever”?

Last days I’ve been talking to Bree about this.

We all (riophiles) really know there will never be another “River Phoenix”, but it’s something I like to talk about (I always LOVE talking about River, you know me, I can talk for hours), about “mines” or others’ ones (press, other riophiles, non-riophile people). And I would like to know yours (if you “have” them) and the reasons why (not only appearence but that too).

Don’t be afraid to confess, I’ve even read “Robert Pattinson” in some sites and I still alive so… I’m very curious :)

Who are your Rio successors?

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  1. eastofidaho answered: Michael Pitt
  2. ithinkicanforgetyou answered: emile hirsch, he is very passionate and intelligent like river was.
  3. lilacwine26 answered: No hay otro como River!. tal vez Taylor Kitsch es el unico que se parece a River cuando tenia el look de cabello oscuro en TTCL
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